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This article provides an overview of the Month-End Report you receive at the end of your first month of using Levels.

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What is the Month-End Report?

Your Levels Month-End Report is a comprehensive, personal report that recaps the month you spent with the Levels Metabolic Fitness Program.

What data and analytics does the Month-End Report include?

The report includes metabolic fitness trends and glucose responses based on the foods and activities you have logged during your first month of using Levels.

When is the Month-End Report sent out?

The Month End report is emailed to you at the end of your first month of using Levels. If you would like a report for any additional months, please email the Levels Support team at support@levelshealth.com.

Best practices to ensure you get the most out of your report:
  • Throughout your first month, log any meal or activity that you'd like to see included in the Month End report. The more activities you log, the more robust your report will be!
  • Add a short description to each of your logs so you can easily identify them at the end of the month when reviewing your report. A good example note would be: "Chipotle burrito, steak, beans, guacamole" or "Pasta, bread, wine".

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