How Zone Scores are calculated

Lifestyle decisions don't happen in a vacuum: a snack, a nap, and a workout each have a metabolic effect on their own, but when these decisions happen close together their effects combine in dependent ways. Zone Scores are Levels' way of capturing and informing you of these multi-factor effects. By analyzing all logged activities that take place within proximity of one another, a Zone Score can provide a grade for the combined effect of your decisions.

The zone score identifies the impact of meals and activities on your glucose response.

Scores range from 0-10, with 10 being optimal (minimal glucose response) and 0 being poor (large glucose response). In general, we want to have flat, controlled glucose responses.

The score is a composite of glucose rise from baseline, height of the glucose peak, and recovery time back to baseline, all of which are associated with metabolic health.

The score reflects the body’s dynamic nature, and is affected not only by meals and exercise, but also personal factors like sleep quality, stress levels, and microbiome health.

The score grades glucose response only, and does not track other aspects of nutrition that are also important to consider when determining diet.

10 – Outstanding
Almost no glycemic response increase.

8 – Good
Minimal personal glycemic response.

6 – Moderate
Pay attention. Testing alternate configurations may work.

5 – Poor
High glycemic response. Eliminate, minimize, or test alternate configurations.

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