How Metabolic Scores are calculated

The food you eat contains sugars that your body uses to fuel your life. Actions you take can cause your blood sugar to rise faster than your body can use the excess causing a spike out of the desired range. These spikes can cause detrimental health effects and undermine goals like weight loss and exercise performance. Everyone's reaction to excess sugar situations is different and it can be hard to understand the impact of a rise and fall in blood sugar without complicated analysis.

When using the Levels app and logging your lifestyle decisions, the Metabolic Score is a rating of your daily glucose patterns. Presented as a percentage out of 100, the Metabolic Score looks at two markers that have been correlated with good metabolic health:  median and variability. Levels’ proprietary algorithm combines these attributes into a single number that helps you better understand the success of your daily lifestyle choices.

The higher the Metabolic Score, the better your day went. Walking after meals, eating balanced meals high in fiber, and managing stress are examples of choices that can contribute to a higher score. Poor sleep, eating foods with carbohydrates you are sensitive to, or skipping exercise can lead to lower scores. 

Your median glucose is affected by your resting or baseline glucose. To keep you alive, your body keeps glucose in as narrow a window as it can. Your baseline glucose is the 'floor' of this tight range. You can lower your median glucose with exercise and selecting foods with controlled glycemic responses.

Variability is a measure of the "ups and downs" in your glucose levels and is affected by everything from diet to exercise to stress levels. Lower variability or a more stable glucose curve will is associated with improved metabolic health and will result in a higher Metabolic Score. Earlier in the Levels program, your glucose may be more variable as you experiment with your dietary and lifestyle choices to find your personal responses. As you progress through the program, develop metabolic awareness, and implement what you learn, you can improve your variability with fewer spikes and crashes.

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