Freestyle Libre Setup Step 5: Log Food, Activity, & Notes


Here’s how to log Food, Exercise, and Notes logs in your Levels app. 
As a best practice, try logging all of your food and exercise—including snacks and walks—in the Levels app. or more information, visit:   FAQ: Why should I log my activities in the app?

How to Log a Meal, Activity, or Note:

  1. In the Levels app, select the plus (+) button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Take a picture or import an image of the item you wish to log.
    • The photo is optional; select Skip to continue with a text-only entry. It will not affect your scoring if you don't log a photo. 
    • To import a photo from your camera roll, tap the gallery icon.
  3. Add a short description of the log. The level of detail is up to you; you may find it helpful to be more descriptive to help you pinpoint what affects your glucose levels. For more information, visit FAQ: How detailed should I get with logging meals?
  4. Confirm the Start Time (for exercise, you can log the End Time, too).
  5. Mark your exercise as Strenuous if you don’t want the glucose spike caused by it to affect your score. See instructions here.
  6. Select Save.


  • Why use the Notes feature? When using Levels you may notice that some unexpected things can impact your glucose levels. Examples include an increase in acute stress, supplements like vitamin c, pain relievers like aspirin, and even some skincare products. Logging these events as a Note will help you draw those connections to how they're affecting your glucose.
  • How do I edit an existing log entry? Please follow these instructions: How to Edit an Existing Log Entry

Once you have familiarized yourself with logging foodl/activity/note entries, your setup is officially complete! Interested in learning about how to optimize your experience with your Levels? Check out  Using your Levels App & CGM

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the Levels Support team at

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