Dexcom G6 Setup Step 5: Turn off Dexcom app alerts

If you use the Freestyle Libre CGM, navigate to Setting Up Your Levels with FreeStyle Libre CGM.

Here’s how to turn off unnecessary Dexcom app alerts on your phone. You will primarily be using the Levels app to view your data and insights.

These instructions are for Members using Dexcom for general wellness use. If you use Dexcom to manage a medical condition, please use your doctor's recommendations or seek an opinion from a medical professional. 

How to turn off Dexcom alerts

  1. Open the Dexcom app on your phone.
  2. Select Settings at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select Alerts. For General Wellness use, we recommend the following settings:
    1. Always Sound: Off
    2. Urgent Low: 55 mg/dL
    3. Signal Loss: On
    4. No Readings: On
    5. All other alerts: Off

Your Alerts Settings should look like this:

4. You must allow Critical Alert Notifications to set up your Dexcom G6. To ensure Critical Alerts are turned on during setup, go to your iPhone Settings > choose Dexcom G6> tap Notifications> and turn Critical Alerts on. See video below. 

  • After completing your Dexcom set up, you have the option to STOP these Critical Alerts from occurring - click here to learn how.

Important things to note:
  • During the two-hour warmup period, the app will say "Sensor: Not Connected". This is because the sensor will not connect with Levels until warm up is complete. You will not see glucose data in your apps until the 2-hour warmup period is done.
  • After the 2-hour sensor warm-up is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation and will now be able to see your glucose readings! If your sensor fails during the warmup period, visit What should I do if my Dexcom CGM fails during the 2-hour warmup period?

Once you turned off Dexcom app alerts, select Step 6 below.

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