Dexcom G6 Setup Step 3: Apply your Levels Performance Cover

If you use the Freestyle Libre CGM, navigate to Setting Up Your Levels with FreeStyle Libre CGM.


Here’s how to apply a Levels Performance Cover over your Dexcom CGM. We designed these covers to help keep your CGM in place during activity and exercise. Learn more about the Levels Performance Covers here.

How to apply your Levels Performance Cover:

  1. Peel off the white papers on the back of the Performance Cover that protects the adhesive. Do not touch the adhesive when applying. 
  2. Center the cover over your CGM, adhesive on the skin, and apply. Start at the center and work outward (see video below). 
  3. Rub briskly from the center to the edges to activate the adhesive. Do not rub from the edge toward the center, or you may cause the edges to peel away from the skin.

Application video tutorial:

Need extra Performance Covers?

We've got you covered! Send an email requesting more covers, and the Levels Support Team will send replacements your way.

Once you have applied your Levels Performance Cover, select Step 4 below:

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