Dexcom G6 Setup Step 1: Download the apps

If you use the Freestyle Libre CGM, navigate to Setting Up Your Levels with FreeStyle Libre CGM.

Before you start: 

You will want to set aside at least 30-45 minutes to complete the Dexcom setup process.

To ensure your set-up process is as successful and easy as possible, we recommend the following:

  • Use a desktop computer to follow these instructions. You’ll be actively using your mobile device during the set-up process, and it’s an easier and better experience if you have instructions open on a different device to follow along
  • Pick the right time. We recommend applying your sensor first thing in the morning when your glucose is the most stable and to avoid calibration issues while you’re sleeping. We also recommend applying your sensor on an empty stomach and avoid eating or exercising 2 hours before application and during the 2-hour warm-up period. 
  • If you're replacing this CGM with a new CGM, do not apply the new sensor within 20 minutes of ending your previous CGM. If this is your first time applying a Dexcom CGM, please disregard this bullet point.

What's in my Levels Kit?

  • (3) Performance Covers to keep your sensor and transmitter protected.
  • (3) 10-day Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) in one box.
  • (1) Transmitter - This transmits the data from the sensor to your device via bluetooth and is good for 90 days. IMPORTANT: Do not throw away your transmitter. You will reuse your transmitter with new CGMs until its lifespan of 90 days is complete. We’ll make sure to send you a new transmitter in further subscription kits before your current one expires. 
  • Welcome card with information on how to set up your device.
  • Alcohol swabs.

Dexcom G6 App

Step 1: 

Follow the instructions below to set up the Dexcom app

The Dexcom  app reads your CGM and sends that data to your phone. 

  1. Download the Dexcom G6 app app on your phone:
    1. iPhone users: CLICK HERE to download from your phone. 
    2. Android users: CLICK HERE from your phone. 
  2. Sign Up to create a New Dexcom Account with your email address. 
    1. An email verification will be sent to you to confirm your personal information and password of choice. 
    2. Click Next to skip the Optional Diabetes Info section.
    3. Once Dexcom account has been created, proceed to step 3 below.
  3. Log into the Dexcom app. Tap 'I understand' after reading safety statements. Tap 'Next' after watching Treatment Decisions video.
  4. Set Alert Levels: 
    1. Low Alert: 60 mg/dL
    2. High Alert: 390 mg/dL
    3. Tap Turn on Notifications. Choose Allow.
    4. Turn on iOS Critical Alerts

    During Setup Step 5, we'll walk you through how to further adjust these settings so they aren't disruptive when your CGM is activated. 

5. Once alerts have been set, a Transmitter screen will pop up. Click Next

6. Click I Understand after reading Bluetooth / Transmitter information, and click Ok, and then click Next to check for bluetooth connection. This will allow data to flow between the Dexcom transmitter and your phone.

7.  Stop! Close out of the Dexcom app for now (before completing setup) and proceed to Levels downloading instructions below. During Setup Step 2, we will return back to the Dexcom app to finish connecting your transmitter and sensor.

Levels - Metabolic Health App

Step 2:
Follow the instructions below to set up the Levels app. 

The Levels app allows you to view your data, log your Food, Exercise, and Notes, and learn from your data insights.

  1. Download the Levels - Metabolic Health app on your phone:
    1. iPhone users: CLICK HERE from your phone to download.
    2. Android users: CLICK HERE from your phone to download.

Once you downloaded both apps, select Step 2 below

Next Step - Step 2: Prepare and apply your Dexcom CGM and Transmitter

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