Dexcom Setup Step 1: Download the apps

If you use the Freestyle Libre CGM, navigate to Setting Up Your Levels with FreeStyle Libre CGM.


Here’s a walkthrough of the items in your CGM kit and an overview of how to download and set up the two apps needed.

What's in my Levels Kit?

  • Three 10-day Sensors within the large applicators.
  • One transmitter - This transmits the data from the sensor to your device via bluetooth and is good for 90 days, so be sure to hang onto it after you're done with your first sensor. If you signed up for a Levels subscription, we'llsend you a new transmitter automatically before your current one expires.
  • 6 black performance covers - to keep your sensor and transmitter protected.
  • Alcohol swabs.

  • Step 1: Download the Dexcom & Levels Apps

    Download these necessary apps:

    • The Dexcom G6 app reads your CGM and sends that data to your phone.
    • The Levels app allows you to view your data; log your Food, Exercise, and Notes; and learn from your data insights.
    • Download these apps only on one phone. If you download the apps on more than one phone, this may result in data loss and technical complications.

    Dexcom G6 App

    The Dexcom G6 app reads your CGM and sends that data to your phone. Follow the steps below to set up the Dexcom app:

    1. Download the Dexcom app on your phone by visiting --         iPhone users:                                                       Android users: Google Play Dexcom G6
    2. Create a Dexcom Account: Create an account on the Dexcom app with your email address.
    3. Skip setting alert levels: We’ll walk you through this in Dexcom Setup Step 6.
    4. Notifications: Allow notifications when prompted. This will let Dexcom let you know when your CGM or transmitter needs to be changed. 
    5. Bluetooth: Allow Bluetooth when prompted. This lets data flow between the Dexcom transmitter and your phone.

    Levels - Metabolic Health App

    You'll use the  Levels - Metabolic Health app to log your meals and exercise and view your data & insights.

    1. Download Levels - Metabolic Health app on your phone.
      1. iPhone users: Visit from your phone. Our iPhone app is compatible with iPhones 7 and newer.
      2. Android users: Visit from your phone. Our Android app is compatible with devices running Android 9 and newer.

    Once you downloaded both apps, select Step 2 below

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