Dexcom Setup Step 4: Connect Dexcom to Levels

If you use the Freestyle Libre CGM, navigate to Setting Up Your Levels with FreeStyle Libre CGM.


Here’s how to link your Dexcom account with your Levels account to allow Dexcom to send your CGM data to your Levels app.

How to Connect your Dexcom to the Levels App:

  1. Open and log in first with your Levels account, and then with your Dexcom account.
  2. Authorize the Levels app to access your glucose data from Dexcom.
  3. Once access is granted and your CGM is warmed up, you can use the Levels app to view your data. 

A few important things to note:

  • Some people experience extreme high or low readings during the first couple of days of wearing the CGM as it calibrates. The CGM should become more accurate the longer you wear it.
  • Please note that there is an increased likelihood of a Dexcom alarm during the first 24 hours of wearing the CGM.
  • You must have Bluetooth turned on for your phone in order to receive data from your CGM to your Levels app. If you turn off Bluetooth, you may experience data loss during that time.
  • You must have your Dexcom app open and running in the background in order to receive data from your CGM to your Levels app. If your Dexcom app is closed for more than 3 hours, you may experience data loss during that time.
  • If your Dexcom app loses connection for any reason, continue to log your food and activities in the Levels app. The Levels app will process everything as soon as the CGM data comes through.
  • Need more help, or is your CGM not syncing? Visit Dexcom Troubleshooting.

Once you connected Dexcom with Levels, select Step 5 below.

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