FAQ: Why should I log my activities in the app?


Why should I log my activities in the app?


Understanding the impact of your meals and activities starts with tracking them in your Levels app. These logs provide a connection, or feedback loop, between your actions and your body's responses. Logging meals is a great start. However you'll be missing out on important insights if you don't also log your activities.

This is because lifestyle decisions don't happen in a vacuum: a snack, a nap, and a workout each have a metabolic effect on their own, but when these decisions happen close together their effects combine in dependent ways. Zone Scores are Levels' way of capturing and informing you of these multi-factor effects. By analyzing all logged activities that take place within proximity of one another, ~2 hours, a Zone Score can provide a grade for the combined effect of your decisions.

As you see the impact of the foods you eat, try experimenting with new ingredients, different portion sizes, meal order, or adding an activity like going for a walk.

For example, if you see a significant spike from an apple, try adding almond butter the next time. If you spike with rice, try swapping for cauliflower rice or taking a 20-minute walk after the meal.

The absolute score of each experiment isn’t important—the value is in the insights you gain from how different choices have different impacts and how to take those insights to create a “metabolic toolbox” of actionable learnings. 

To learn more about how to log meals and exercise, visit How to Log a Food, Activity, or Note.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the Levels Support team at support@levelshealth.com.

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