Freestyle Libre Setup Step 2: Apply your CGM


This article provides an overview of how to apply and scan your Freestyle Libre sensor. We know the process can seem intimidating, but we encourage you to watch the video below to learn how effortless it is.

How to Apply Your Freestyle Libre CGM:

Watch the ' How to Apply Your Sensor' video below. Feel free to follow along and apply the sensor as you view it. 

Best practices when applying your Freestyle Libre CGM:
  • The Freestyle Libre device manufacturer has confirmed here that the back of the upper arm is the only FDA approved location for the CGM.
  • Avoid placing the sensor directly over the muscle. The best location to apply your sensor is in the fatty part of the back of your upper arm, in the river between tricep and deltoid. Watch the application video below to see exactly where we like to apply the sensor.
  • The spring load in the applicator is plenty pressure to insert the filament and activate the adhesive - there's no need to apply extra pressure once the sensor is applied. 
  • Try to relax your arm and nervous system when applying the sensor - Inhale deeply, and press down on the applicator during your exhale.
  • Members may experience differences in glucose between arms, so we encourage using the same arm for more consistent results.

During the first 48 hours of wearing your sensor, you may experience extreme high/low glucose readings. Please note that this is normal as the sensor goes through a 48 hour calibration period. If you would like to read more information on the calibration process, visit: Extreme High/Low Readings During First 48 Hours

If you feel persistent pain or discomfort, please review the following article for more information on how to help: What should I do if I feel pain or discomfort?

Once your sensor has been applied, proceed to Step 3 below:

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