Download the apps (Step 1)

You'll need to download two apps to get started.

Levels requires that you download two apps to your phone to get setup. 

You'll use both of these apps – one to scan your sensor, the other to view all your Levels data, log activities, and learn from your insights.


This is an app from the device manufacturer. You'll use  LibreLink to activate your CGM sensor and scan it on an ongoing basis.

  1. Download LibreLink on your phone by visiting
  2. Signup for an account using the same email address you used for Levels
  3. Setup your account (you can accept all the default settings)
    1. Connect to Levels
    2. Tap the ☰ menu button on the top left of the LibreLink app.
    3. Tap "Connected Apps" 
    4. Tap the button next to “LibreView”
    5. Tap “Connect to a Practice”, and under “Practice ID” type levelshealth (one word)
    6. Tap “Next”, and then tap "Connect" to confirm the connection

Visit this article for detailed steps to setup your LibreLink account.


This is our primary app. You'll use  Levels to log your meals and exercise, and view your insights.

  1. Download Levels on your phone.
    1. If you're on iPhone, visit from your phone.
      1. Our iPhone app is compatible with iPhones 7 or newer
    2. If you're on Android, visit from your phone.
      1. Our Android app is compatible with devices running Android 5 or newer
      2. The Pixel 4 + Pixel 4 XL is currently not supported.

Have your kit? Proceed to the next step:

Apply your CGM

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