About the Medical Consult Process for a Manual-Scan CGM Prescription


When signing up for Levels, the enrollment process varies depending on which CGM-type you choose:

  • If you select the FreeStyle Libre 14-Day or Libre 3 CGM option when signing up for Levels, you will be asked to complete a medical consult for a prescription. This article (below) provides an overview of what you can expect during that process. 
  • If you select the Dexcom G7 CGM option when signing up for Levels, you will follow this enrollment process here.

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Submitting the Medical Consult Form

After signing up for Levels, you'll be directed to our medical consultation form. This form asks several questions about any health conditions may have, medical history, allergies, or medications you might be taking. 

When you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation email with estimated processing time for a physician to review your form. 

Physician Review

One of our partner physicians from our independent network (who's licensed in your resident state) will review your consult form to consider your request for a continuous glucose monitor. 

  • If the physician has any questions about the information you've provided, they'll reach out to you by phone.

The decision of whether or not a CGM (and the accompanying prescription) is right for you is solely up to the medical discretion of the physician conducting your consult. Levels is not involved in this medical decision-making process and can not change the results or outcomes of the medical consult.

What to Expect if Approved

If your prescription is approved, you will receive a confirmation email that this has happened and our partner pharmacy will begin to fulfill your order, ship you a kit, and welcome you into the Levels program. When your Levels kit ships out, you will receive an email with tracking information.

What to Expect if Not Approved

If the physician reviewing your consult does not approve use of a CGM, they'll follow up via email with more information. We'll also automatically process a full refund for your order.

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