Where is Levels Available?


This article provides an overview of where Levels is available within the United States and internationally.

Levels currently uses a medical device that's available in the United States only, and we're unable to export to other countries due to regulations. 

United States Availability:

Levels is currently available in all US states  except for Alaska, Arizona, DC, Hawaii, and Nevada. We're working hard to expand to full coverage to all 50 US states, and if you're based in one of the US regions where Levels isn't available, we currently expect to ship your order out this year - you can sign up here to join the US waitlist and get the latest updates on our progress. 

In addition to the states listed above, Levels does not ship to addresses in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, the Marshall Islands, or the Northern Mariana Islands.

If you meet the above criteria, you can join Levels at levels.link/ACCESS

FAQ: Why isn't Levels available in my state?
  • In the United States, continuous glucose monitors are regulated as medical products requiring that they be used only with a physician's prescription. To facilitate a safe, convenient, and secure process for our members, Levels has partnered with a network of independent telehealth physicians to enable prescription consultations. Certain states (i.e. Alaska, Arizona, DC, Hawaii, and Nevada) prevent doctors from writing telemedicine prescriptions in their respective states. We are taking great care in our US expansion, working state by state to facilitate access to consultations and providing only pharmacy-fulfilled devices direct to your doorstep. 

International Availability:

We currently use a medical device that's  available by prescription-only in the United States (through our partner physicians), and we're unable to export to other countries due to regulations.

Already use a CGM and just want to use the Levels app? We currently don't have an app-only offering where you can use Levels with an existing CGM obtained elsewhere, but it is something we may consider in the future. 

We're working hard to expand access to our program internationally and you can sign up here to join the international waitlist and get the latest updates on our progress. Please know that we recently graduated from a limited beta experience and constantly improving, so when we do launch internationally it will be an even better experience! 

Please also keep in touch with us on Twitter, Instagram, and via our blog in the meantime.

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