How to Enroll in Levels Research


Levels launched a research study to learn more about the science of metabolism and continue our mission to improve the health of all. By opting in, you gain access to a real-time CGM sensor that automatically streams glucose data to your smartphone without a manual scan. People can learn more about it at

This article walks you through how to enroll in Levels Research. 

How to Enroll in the Levels Research

If you would like to enroll in our current study Continuous Glucose Monitoring in General Population and you are not a Levels member please visit

  1. The best way to access the enrollment form:
    1. From the Levels website: click here to log into your account from your tablet, phone, or computer. You then will be asked basic questions to determine your eligibility to join the study.
  2. If you are eligible for the study, you will be prompted to:
    1. Complete the electronic consent form and provide an electronic signature. See consent form FAQs below.
    2. Purchase the study CGMs. Upon receipt of the study CGMs, you will be able to  begin active participation by following the onboarding steps that will be provided to you. 
  3. If you are not eligible for the study, you will be notified immediately after completing the enrollment form.

How to switch to the Levels Study Device:

  1. Log into your Levels member portal here
  2. Click the Manage Account button
  3. Select Manage CGM Kit Subscription
  4. Scroll down to the Change you CGM Kit Type section, and select Change to Manual-scan sensor (Freestyle Libre) / Real-time sensor (Dexcom G6)

You will start receiving the new CGM type in your next subscription shipment.

Research at Levels: The Largest CGM Study in the Non-Diabetic Population 

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