Refund & Return Policies


This article provides an overview of the Levels refund and return policies. For information on cancelling your ongoing CGM subscription, please visit How to Cancel your CGM Subscription.


90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Levels offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee so that you can try Levels risk free. If you're not satisfied with your experience, Levels members can request a full refund for the Levels Membership and most recent CGM purchase by contacting

Beyond the 90 Days

After the satisfaction guarantee window has lapsed:

  • Membership refunds will be prorated by calendar month and refund(s) will only be issued for calendar months not used. Membership refunds will immediately terminate access to the app. If a member wishes to rejoin Levels at any point in the future, they will need to purchase a new membership.
  • CGM refunds will be granted for the most recent CGM purchase only. Please see our Subscription Cancelation Policy for more information. 

Subscription Cancelation Policy

We will send out a reminder for CGM subscription renewals 3 days prior to the billing date. Once your payment has been processed, it cannot be canceled. Due to the nature of the medical devices we use with our product, we are unable to accept returns. If you wish to cancel, please do so before your subscription date.


Due to the nature of the medical devices we use with our product, Levels is unable to accept CGM returns. In the event of a refund and/or cancelation, you may keep or dispose of your Levels kit. 

Please remember: prescription or research products used in the Levels program may not be shared, resold, or redistributed under any circumstances.

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