How to Delete your Data


This article walks you through how to delete all of your identifiable data stored by Levels. Levels retains member data on secure servers for the duration of its business relationship with the member, and for an indefinite period of time afterward. Levels is a steward of your data, and you have the right to ask us to delete it at any time.

How to Delete your Data
  1. Email or click this link here to request deletion of your data. 
  2. The Levels team will verify that you are the one making this request. 

Levels will comply with your request to delete your data no later than one month after you make your request, unless more time is required to verify your identity.

What We Can't Delete:
  • Your payment history and details, including your billing address is stored with our payment processors, and saved for accounting and fraud prevention purposes.
  • Any data that is a part of your official medical records. Levels is not a healthcare provider, and does not have the authority to modify or delete any information that is a part of an official medical record.
  • We cannot delete your data that may be stored with any third parties.
    • You'll need to reach out to those third parties for assistance removing your records from their services.
    • To view the list of third parties that handle Levels member data, please visit the Levels Privacy Policy page here.

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