Export your data

Your data belongs to you

We firmly believe that your personal health data belongs to you, so we've made it easy to export and download your information.  

Download your glucose data & logs

You can login to your Levels account from the web and click Your Data to download any glucose data collected from your CGM as well as any meal logs, activity logs, or notes that you created. Both of these downloads will be in .CSV format.

You can also download your raw glucose data directly from LibreLink's website by logging in to libreview.com using the LibreView account you setup when getting started. After accepting all the terms of use, click the Glucose Reports button in the upper left of the website (or click here), then click the "Download glucose data" button to export your glucose logs.

Sync to Apple HealthKit

Levels doesn't currently export glucose data to Apple HealthKit, but we've heard the request from members to build this integration. We're looking into building this the right way, and will keep you posted on any updates!

Levels can import heart rate, activity, and sleep data from Apple Health. Learn more here.

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