How to Export Your Glucose Data


This article walks you through how to export your data from your Levels account. Levels retains member data on secure servers for the duration of its business relationship with the member, and for an indefinite period of time afterward. Levels is a steward of your data, and you have the right to export your data at any time.

How to Export Your Levels Data from your Levels Account:
  1. Login to your Levels account here.
  2. Click the "Export Your Data" button from the main menu
  3. Click the Export data button located next to the data type you want to export. You will have the option of the following:
    1. Glucose / CGM data
    2. Activity Logs (food, exercise, notes)
    3. Zones: Including zone scores and glucose response


After completing this steps, you should have obtained the data from your data from the Levels accounts. If you run into any issues, please reach out to the Levels support team at and we'll be happy to help.

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