How to Log Notes and Exercise


This article provides an overview of how to manually add notes and exercise logs. 

Levels uses entry logs to provide a feedback loop between your actions and your body's responses, raising your metabolic awareness, so it's beneficial to log all of your food & exercise activities – including snacks and walks – in the Levels app as often as possible.

Find our dedicated FAQ on How to Log Food here!

How to Log Notes and Exercise:

  1. In the Levels app, select the plus (+) button at the bottom of the screen, and then select Activity or Note.
    1. If manually adding exercise, simply enter the type of exercise you performed, the start and stop time of the exercise and whether the exercise was strenuous. You can mark an exercise as strenuous if the exercise caused a spike. 
    2. If adding a note, simply enter something that you are interested in to see if it has an impact on your glucose levels.
  2. Select Save.

  • Why use the Notes feature? When using Levels you may notice that some unexpected things can impact your glucose levels. Examples include an increase in acute stress, supplements like vitamin c, pain relievers like aspirin, and even some skincare products. Logging these events as a Note will help you draw those connections to how they're affecting your glucose.

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