How to Order More Sensors (CGMs)


This article walks you through how to to start/restart your CGM subscription to receive new CGM shipments monthly, every other month, or quarterly—mailed directly to you.

Each order includes two 14-day or three 10-day CGMs at $199 per shipment. 

There's no obligation to sign up for a CGM subscription and you can cancel at any point before your next order ships.


  1. Visit to log into your Levels account .
  2. Select your desired shipping start date.
  3.  Select your desired subscription frequency: monthly, every other month, or quarterly.
  4. Confirm your shipping and billing information


After you place your subscription order, you will receive ongoing shipments of continuous glucose monitoring kits to your doorstep. If at some point you need to pause, cancel, or delay your shipments, please see the how-to articles below.

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