How To Update CGM Shipping Frequency


This article provides an overview of how to update the shipment frequency of your CGM subscription. 

The instructions below will only be applicable to members who have signed up for a recurring Subscription (e.g. monthly, quarterly), not the one month Levels Starter Kit. If you've only signed up for the Starter Kit, you will not receive ongoing shipments of sensors unless you sign up for a subscription.

How to Update CGM Shipping Frequency:

Currently, there isn't a way for members to personally update their shipping frequency through their own member portal, but we hope to add this feature soon. In the meantime, simply follow the steps below to have a Support team member cancel your current subscription (e.g. monthly) so you can restart a new subscription to the cadence of your choosing (e.g. quarterly).

  1. Email and let them know you need to update the shipping frequency of your CGMs. Example email message: Hi Support Team! I need to update the frequency of my current CGM shipments. 
  2. From there, the Levels Support Team will cancel your current shipping subscription, and then prompt you to move on to step 3 below
  3. Once the Levels team member has cancelled your current subscription, you can then reactive it by visiting From there, you'll be able to:
    • select your new start date that you want the first shipment to go out
    • customize subscription frequency (e.g. monthly, every other month, or quarterly)
    • update billing and shipping information

Your CGMs will begin shipping on the new schedule you have confirmed during step 3 above.

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