Import your activity & sleep from Apple Health or Google Fit

Levels can automatically import your workoutssleep, heart rate, and step data from Apple Health (iOS) and Google Fit (Android). Your shared data will also be used to create new logs as well as compute insights paired with your glucose data (e.g., automatically marking a workout as strenuous based on heart rate).

After enabling, we'll import the last three days of workouts as well as all new workouts going forward. 

The data you share will be imported to Levels and stored securely on Levels servers.

To enable the integration, follow these steps:

  1. In the Levels app, navigate to the Me page in the bottom right corner
  2. Next to Apple Health or Google Fit, tap Connect
  3. Enable sharing of your workouts and sleep data from the prompt

Looking for other integrations?

Levels only imports activities directly from HealthKit or Google Fit, which means we don't have direct integrations  with services like Strava, Peloton, Whoop, Oura, or Runkeeper.

If you sync your activities, sleep, or heart rate data from those services into Apple Health or Google Fit, they'll then be imported to Levels.

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