Can I wear my sensor in the sauna or hot tub?

The recommended operating temperature for a FreeStyle Libre 14-day CGM is between 50 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit, so there could be sensor error outside of this range. There are also known interactions between body temperature and glucose metabolism that could impact your glucose levels. You can wear your sensor in a hot or cold environment (e.g. sauna, hot shower, hot yoga), but keep in mind that exposing your CGM to these temperatures could lead to increased variability in your glucose readings.

What to do if you see a glucose spike?

If you see a spike and want to make sure it doesn't affect your Metabolic Score, you can log an exercise activity and mark it as strenuous.

Where can I get more information?

You can read more about the CGM operating guidelines from the device manufacturer website:

You can go deeper into the details on the relationship between body temperature and glucose metabolism with this research paper:

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