Step 2: 📲 How to Connect Dexcom G7 to Levels

How to Connect Dexcom G7 to the Levels app: 

We're excited to offer two ways to connect Levels to the Dexcom G7 🎉

1.  Dexcom G7 sensors obtained through Levels: Levels now offers the Dexcom G7 as part of the observational study with Dexcom. This option allows Levels members to use the real-time streaming API to sync their glucose data directly to the Levels app without delay. 

2.  Dexcom G7 sensors obtained elsewhere: The second option we offer is the ability to bring your own Dexcom G7 sensors. With this option, members will be able to sync their glucose data from the Dexcom G7 app to Levels via Apple Healthkit.  ⚠️ Please note: This option has a 3-hour data delay from the Dexcom G7 app to the Levels app and is only available for iPhone devices. 

Once you've applied and set up your Dexcom G7 sensor ( application instructions here) you're ready to connect your Dexcom G7 app to the Levels app.

Steps to Connect Dexcom G7 to Levels *for sensors obtained through Levels

  1. Initiate the connection via the Dexcom G7 app:
    1. Open the Dexcom G7 app
    2. Select Connections at the bottom
    3. Under Available Connections you'll see Share
    4. Select Share and follow the prompts to enable the feature. You will need to invite a follower in order to enable the share toggle. You can invite yourself. You don’t need to accept the invite. The share toggle will appear as soon as you send the invite. 
  2. Once Share is ON, leave the Dexcom G7 app and head over to the Levels app
  3. Tap the bullseye icon in the top right of the Today page
  4. Click Select Sensor Model
  5. Select Dexcom G7 > Dexcom Real-time access
  6. Once the correct sensor and connection type have been selected, click the back arrow in the top left to go back to the sensor configuration page and tap Connect Dexcom Account
  7. Login with your Dexcom credentials (you can find this information in the Dexcom G7 app by going to Profile > Account > scroll down until you see Login, which will have either your email or phone number and your password. 
    • Note: It's super important to use the correct User ID (email OR phone). You will not be able to connect properly if you use the wrong option when logging in through Levels. 
  8. Once you've logged in with your Dexcom credentials in the Levels app and your sensor is warmed up, you should see glucose data streaming through within about 10-15 minutes!

Troubleshooting Connectivity

If you don't see data streaming into the Levels app within 30 minutes of applying your Dexcom G7 sensor, but you see data in the Dexcom G7 app follow the steps below: 

  1. Open the Levels app
  2. Tap the bullseye icon in the top left
  3. Select Disconnect Dexcom 
  4. Select Remove data connection to Levels
  5. Next open the Dexcom G7 app
  6. Tap Profile > Account > scroll down to where it says Login and take note of whether your Email or Phone is listed as the User ID (you'll need this
  7. Select Connections
    • Tip: If you have Apple Health turned ON in the Dexcom G7 app, please turn it OFF.
  8. Select Share and invite a follower (you can invite yourself)—this will reveal a toggle to turn Share on and off. Once the toggle is revealed, toggle Share OFF, then back ON (this resets the API connection)
  9. Wait 1-2 minutes, then go back to the Levels app > tap the bullseye button again
  10. Click Connect Dexcom Account
  11. You'll then be prompted to sign back into your Dexcom account—make sure to use the same login credentials that were listed under the Login section of your Account page in the Dexcom G7 app
    1. Note: The Dexcom login page you'll be taken to in the Levels app defaults to an email login form. If your phone number was listed as your User ID for your Dexcom G7 login, please select Signed up with mobile number? on the Dexcom login page to be taken to the phone login form as shown below:
  12. Once you're logged in, please allow 10-15 minutes for data to start coming through.

Steps to Connect Dexcom G7 to Levels *for sensors obtained elsewhere

  1. Open the Levels app
  2. Tap the bullseye icon in the top right of the Today page
  3. Click Select Sensor Model
  4. Select Dexcom G7 > Apple Health *this option does not exist for Android users as the G7 app does not offer an integration with Google Fit at this time. 
  5. Next, go back to the Today screen and you should be prompted to connect your Levels app to Apple Health. If you do not see a prompt, please click on the Profile icon in the top left, scroll down to Settings and tap the Connect button next to Apple Health (more information here).
  6. Once your Levels app is successfully connected to Apple Health, head over to the Dexcom G7 app
  7. Select Connections
  8. Select Apple Health, you'll then be prompted to open your iPhone settings
  9. Open your iPhone settings and select Health (see image below step)
  10. Select Data Access & Devices 
  11. Select Dexcom G7
  12. Toggle ON Blood Glucose to allow the Dexcom G7 to write data to the Levels app
  13. Once complete, glucose data will begin streaming into Levels on a 3-hour delay. The delay is a result of the sync timing between the Dexcom app and Apple Health. Apple Health receives glucose data from Dexcom every 3 hours. Once Apple Health receives your data, 
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