FAQ: What are the benefits of participating in the Levels Research?


What are the benefits of participating in the Levels Research?


There are no direct benefits to you from your participation in this research. We cannot promise any benefits from taking part in this research. Possible benefits include the following:

  • Contributing to research and development and the advancement of knowledge surrounding glucose levels in healthy adults and how glucose levels vary based on demographic information (age, gender, weight, race) and lifestyle characteristics (nutrition, activity, sleep, etc.), which could lead to groundbreaking discoveries to improve people’s health and wellness
  • This dataset will serve as the first and largest of its kind, contributing to an early understanding of glucose metrics in individuals viewing and interacting with real-time glucose data as a wellness tool.
  • The dataset will be a resource for generating hypotheses for future studies that may focus on the efficacy and effectiveness of CGM in implementations beyond diabetes management.
  • Learning about your individual glucose levels, how they change during the day, and how they are impacted by lifestyle decisions and characteristics.
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