FAQ: I already have a CGM prescription - can I use it with Levels?

Levels now offers a Software-Only option enabling you to bring your own device!  

We're so excited to deliver the news! πŸ“° πŸŽ‰ We are finally offering a Software-Only version of Levels!! You can now purchase the Levels Software and use CGMs you already have. ✨

You can connect the following sensors with the Software-Only version of Levels:

  • Freestyle Libre 14-Day
  • Freestyle Libre 2
  • Freestyle Libre 3 
  • Dexcom G6*
  • Dexcom G7*

*Dexcom G6 and G7 CGMs obtained outside of Levels are not part of the observational study and will be able to connect to the Levels app via Apple Health on a 3-hour data delay. βš οΈ Please note: this option is currently available for iPhone only.

We recommend checking your phone's compatibility with the Libre or Dexcom sensors before purchase. This was a highly requested option and we are thrilled we’re now able to offer it. 

How to sign up for the Software-Only option to bring your own device:

You can purchase the Levels Software without a CGM directly with this link: https://app.levelshealth.com/us/signup?softwareOnly=true

Can I bring my own device if I already have a Levels Membership: 

Yes! If you have a Levels Membership, you're also welcome to take advantage of the Software-Only option. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact support@levelshealth.com.

Find instructions about how to connect your sensors here under the Getting Started with Levels section.

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