Day Review

Feature: Day Review

💡 Overview: Day Review aims to provide members with a structured opportunity to review and reflect on their previous day, receive guidance on improving their outcomes, better understand the metrics and why we track them, and receive relevant insights from the app.

📅 Release Date: May 2024

How does Day Review work?
  1. To access your Day Review, tap the banner on the Today page that says, “☀️ Your day review is ready.”
  2. You can toggle the date using the arrows at the top right. The back button allows you to easily navigate back to the previous screen.
  3. You can also share a screenshot of the report by tapping the share button at the top right of the Day Review screen.
  4. Dive deeper into specific metrics by tapping on them to see more details.
  5. The nutrition section provides a detailed overview of macros and meal-based insights. You can also tap on a meal to edit or add more details.

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