Macro Logging Update for iOS February 2024

We're updating our logging system to focus on macronutrients — proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. This means we're moving away from the two-step logging method to a more straightforward approach that highlights the nutritional content of your meals. 

Why Macronutrient Logging? Focusing on macronutrients helps you understand the impact of your nutritional choices on your health goals and overall well-being. It's about making informed dietary choices to reach your goals and improve your metabolic.

New Logging Methods:

  • AI Describe: Tell the app about your meal, and it logs the nutrients for you.
  • Barcode Scanning: Scan a food item's barcode for instant logging.
  • Manual Search: Use our database to find and log specific foods.
  • Recent Meals: Quickly log foods from your meal history.
  • Custom Food Entry: Manually log unique meals or recipes.

Coming Soon: AI Photo Macro Detection with this feature you'll be able to take a photo of your meal, and AI will analyze and log its macronutrient content for you. This will be an upgrade to the beta version currently in Levels. 

Why It Matters: This update is designed to make tracking your nutrition simpler and more insightful, supporting your health and fitness goals with greater accuracy and convenience.

How to use Macronutrient Logging in the Levels app: 

📲 Please note: This update is currently only available for members with iOS devices, we will eventually expand this feature for members with Android devices. 

Need more help? Feel free to join an Onboarding call or reach out to support, at

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