📲 Feature Requests

We’re excited to hear your thoughts on how we can make the Levels experience even better. Your ideas drive the evolution of the app experience, and this is your chance to help shape its future!

How to Share Your Ideas:

  1. Submit a Request: Follow this link to create a feature request on Canny, https://levels-health.canny.io/feature-requests
  2. Join the Conversation: Check out other feature requests and upvote them if they resonate with you. Your support helps us prioritize what matters most to our community. ♥️
  3. Stay in the Loop: Follow your feature requests' progress, if it's something we decide to do, you'll get updates as the request moves through our development process.

Your feedback sparks innovation and directly impacts the direction we take. Together, let's create an even more incredible experience that exceeds your expectations. 

Thank you for being an integral part of the Levels community.  🚀✨

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