Libre 3 Prescription Information


When a member purchases a Libre 3 CGM, they're required to complete a medical consultation and obtain a prescription. For members with a prescription for Libre 3, there will also be a note to the pharmacist granting permission to fill the Rx order with the FreeStyle Libre 14-Day sensor in the event Libre 3 is not available. 

Why is a Dual Rx Necessary?

Our partner pharmacy procures Libre 3 inventory through a distributor and the distributor gets their inventory from the manufacturer. Depending on supply chain stability and demand from pharmacies around the country, our partner pharmacy is allocated a certain amount of inventory each month. 

While we do our very best to ensure members who sign up for Libre 3 will continue to get Libre 3, the "dual Rx" is a safeguard to ensure we can supply you with a comparable CGM in the event we cannot ship a Libre 3 at that time. 

Will Members be Notified if Libre 3 is Out of Stock?

Levels actively monitors allocation volume, procurement schedules, and inventory; in the event Libre will be or is out of stock, we will notify members ASAP. If you'd rather postpone your subscription until we have Libre 3 back in stock, our support team can assist you with that, but the default course of action will be to fulfill your order with the FreeStyle Libre 14-Day sensor if Libre 3 is not available. 

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