About the Freestyle Libre CGM


This article provides an overview of the the Freestyle Libre 14-day sensor, a CGM that is currently supported by Levels.

  About the Freestyle Libre CGM:

  • The Freestyle Libre sensor is comprised of one piece that needs to be placed on the back of your arm. 
  • The Freestyle Libre sensors last for 14 days each. You will receive two Libre sensors per shipment, providing you with 28 days of wearing time total. 
  • The Freestyle Libre sensor calculates a glucose value every 15 min, although it does not report real-time values. You must scan your Libre sensor with your phone at least once every 8 hours to transmit your data to the Levels app. The Libre uses NFC (near field communication) wireless technology to transmit data. 
  • The FreeStyle Libre is factory calibrated and does not require, or allow, calibration with a blood glucose reading. 
  • The Freestyle Libre sensor is round in shape and is .5 cm height and 3.5 cm in diameter.
  • View safety information for the FreeStyle Libre CGM here.
  • To see if your device is compatible with the Freestyle Libre CGM, click here.

For more information about CGMs, visit: About Continuous Glucose Monitors

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