Step 2: How to Connect the Libre 3 to Levels

Once you've applied and set up your Libre 3 sensors, instructions here, you're ready to connect to Levels. 

To Connect your Libre 3 sensors to the Levels app:

  1. Open and log into the Levels app
  2. From the Today page, select the sensor menu, the target icon at the top right of the Today page
  3. From the sensor menu, select Abbot Freestyle Libre 3 
  4. You'll then be prompted to sign into your Librelink account. Be sure that the Librelink account you sign into is the same account associated with your current sensor. You can check which email you've logged into Librelink with by checking the Account settings in Librelink. 
  5. Once your sensor is warmed up, you'll begin to see glucose data populate in the Levels app. 🎉
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