Step 1: How to Apply the Libre 3

Note: You will want to set aside at least about 30 minutes to complete the Libre 3 setup process. Be sure to pick the right time. We recommend applying your sensor first thing in the morning when your glucose is the most stable and to avoid calibration issues while you’re sleeping. We also recommend applying your sensor on an empty stomach and avoiding eating and exercising during the 60 min warm-up period.

📲 Download the Libre 3 app:

  1. Log into the Libre 3 app. If you have an existing Libre 3 account, login with your existing Libre 3 account; otherwise, you'll need to create a new Libre 3 account. 

💪 Applying the Libre 3: 

  1. Review the instructions: Review the instructional inserts provided in your CGM box or follow the application instructions in the Libre 3 Quick Start Guide
  2. Prep the application site: We recommend applying your sensor to the fleshy spot on the back of your upper arm between your deltoid and tricep, avoiding muscular areas. 
  3. Wash and dry your hands: Use alcohol swabs to clean the application site and allow to dry. The spring load in the applicator has plenty of pressure to insert the filament and activate the adhesive—there's no need to apply extra pressure once the sensor is applied. 
  4. Apply the sensor: Unscrew the sensor applicator and press it against your skin. Relax your arm when applying the sensor. Inhale deeply and press down on the applicator during your exhale.  
  5. Apply Performance Cover: Once applied, rub around the sensor 3 times and then press gently on the sensor for 10 seconds. Apply your Levels performance covers included with your sensor to keep your sensor protected. 

🤳🏼 Connecting the Libre 3 sensor: 

  1. Connect the Libre 3 app to your sensor: Open the Libre 3 app and scan your sensor to complete setup. After the 60-minute warm-up period, you'll begin to see glucose in the Libre 3 app. 
  2. Connect the Libre 3 app to Levels: Log into the Levels app. Select the sensor menu on the top right, it will either be a blue circle icon or yellow exclamation icon in the top right corner. Select the Libre sensor from the sensor menu. You'll be prompted to connect your Libre account by logging into the Libre account from the Levels app, be sure to use the email address associated with the Libre account that your CGM is setup with.
👉 Click this link to read the Libre 3 Quick Start Guide

During the first 48 hours of wearing your sensor, you may experience extreme high/low glucose readings. Please note that this is normal as the sensor goes through a 48 hour calibration period. If you would like to read more information on the calibration process, visit: Extreme High/Low Readings During First 48 Hours

If you feel persistent pain or discomfort, please review the following article for more information on how to help: What should I do if I feel pain or discomfort?

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