User Interface Update August 1st, 2023

What's new: We've removed the stability ring in favor of making key data more accessible right from the Today Page. We've added the ability to scroll through previous days and select the calendar view right from the Today page.

Why we made this change: We received valuable member feedback that members were finding it difficult to access important features like the Previous Days' data because the feature was a bit buried within the app. To address this, the app now allows you to easily view your previous days' data directly from the Today Page. This change is designed to make it much simpler to navigate and explore your historical data.

We also have plans to restructure the concept of stability in a new form factor. So in the interim, we've removed the stability ring, but keep a look out for updated features related to stability, accountability, and goal setting. 

Your feedback on new features is always welcome! Tell us what you love and what you'd like to see, join a Community Call or email us at

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