About Trends

Levels aims to show you how food affects your health. Now with Trends, Levels can show you how food and lifestyle factors affect your health over time. 

What are Trends?

The Trends tab (updated from the My Data tab), is now able to show you how various metrics trend over time. You can select to view the last 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, and 90 days. 

The Metrics that can be viewed in the trends tab are: 

  • Stability Score 
  • Average Glucose
  • Waking Glucose
  • Meal Score
  • Spike Count
  • Spike Time
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Steps
  • Weight
  • Total Protein
  • Total Fiber
  • Water Intake
  • Mindful time

How to find Trends:

  1. Open the Levels app 
  2. Select the Trends/My Data tab on the bottom right-hand corner
  3. Scroll down to All Data. Here you'll be able to see the trends in data:

How to view Trends: 

You can view data in two ways: 

    1. The first way to view trends is to select 7d, 14d, 30d, or 90d and you'll see the average for each metric on the left-hand side for that span of time.The second way to view trends is to select the individual category, such as Stability Score or Average glucose. Once selected, you'll see a graph that demonstrates your trends over time. 
      1. Here you can also select 7d, 14d, 30d, or 90d to see the trends in a graph over time. 
      2. You can also hold down your finger and slide across the graph to view each data point.   

Video Walkthrough:

*Please note the app may have been updated since the time of this recording

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