FAQ: Can I get my sensor wet?


Can I get my Freestyle Libre 14-day or Freestyle Libre 3 sensor wet?


Yes, your Freestyle Libre 14-day or Libre3 Sensor is designed to get wet and can be comfortably worn while swimming, showering, or exercising. One caveat – the manufacturer recommends you don’t take it deeper than 3 ft underwater and that you limit water exposure to no longer than 30 minutes at a time.

Recommendations for keeping your sensor secure through moisture:

  • Wear a fresh performance cover. The more secure the performance cover is, the better it will keep your sensor protected. When sensors become loose, it can affect the accuracy of your glucose readings, so if you notice that your performance cover is peeling off, we encourage you to replace it right away. If you ever need more performance covers, please email support@levelshealth.com and we'll be happy to ship you more!
  • If performance covers aren't cutting it (which may happen if spending excessive time in the water, sauna, etc) some members have found that Skin Tac Wipes provide sufficient protection. Skin Tac Wipes are very effective, so if you opt to use them, we would also recommend using the Tac Away Wipes to remove the adhesive solvent. 

If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to the Support Team at support@levelshealth.com. 

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