FAQ: What will I be expected to do if I participate in the Levels Research?


What will I be expected to do if I participate in the Levels Research?


If you take part in this research, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Choosing to participate in research and completing the research onboarding
  • Downloading the CGM manufacturer app and creating an account
  • Placing the CGM sensor on the back of the arm in accordance with the instructions
  • Pairing the CGM to your smart device (iOS or Android device)
  • Applying the fabric cover over the CGM
  • Replacing the CGM sensor regularly according to the instructions
  • Connecting the CGM manufacturer app to the Levels app
  • Verifying connection and glucose data production
  • Reporting any adverse events, CGM malfunctions, and not receiving real-time glucose data during study participation
  • If you have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or another condition and you are taking prescription medication to help control your glucose level, you agree that you will not participate in this trial without first discussing it with your doctor
  • If you are taking a glucose control medication for any reason you understand that behavior changes may result in changes to your glucose control that could present a risk to you. You agree to consult with your physician before enrolling in this research and prior to making any changes to your medication management.
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