Freestyle Libre Troubleshooting: Sensor Error "Reading Not Available - Scan Again in x Hours"


LibreLink app is showing the following error message (or something similar): Glucose Reading Not Available. Try Scanning Again in x Hours

Troubleshooting Steps:

Please wait at least 12 hours after applying your sensor to let the sensor calibrate.

Why is this happening? The FreeStyle Libre needs a 12-hour calibration period before its readings are considered accurate. This calibration period starts after your first glucose reading and sometimes this message will appear while the sensor is acclimating to your body. After the calibration period is up, you should be able to scan your sensor again without issue.


After 12+ hours of wearing the sensor, the error message should no longer show up. Please note that it takes up to 48 hours for glucose readings to become fully accurate, so if you experience extreme high/low readings after the error messages go away, please wait a full 48 hours for the sensor to calibrate (more info on sensor calibration here).

If the sensor continues to show the same error message after 12+ hours of wearing it, please reach out to our Support Team at and they'll be more than happy to help further!

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