Experimenting with Challenges

In your Levels app you can find a series of challenges you can use to see how your body responds to common dietary and lifestyle decisions. These experiments are meant to be a fun and engaging way to help you understand your unique metabolic function. The underlying mechanisms that lead to your individual glucose responses are complex, and mini-challenges allow you to tease out which aspects of your diet and lifestyle are most affecting your glucose levels. 

Some people are more sensitive to fruit sugars while others are more sensitive to grain sugars, and others can process either sugar provided there is enough fiber mixed in. Which are you? 

To find out this and more, we have to test. To get the most out of these challenges, we recommend not consuming any other calories for about 3 hours before and after the challenge, as additional calories can affect glucose levels and make the challenge results difficult to interpret and less useful. 

We’re looking forward to seeing what you learn!

To access Challenges tap Learn, then Challenges.

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