What is Levels?

Levels is oriented around the process of developing what we call "Metabolic Awareness" - closing the loop between the broad spectrum of daily actions we take and the reactions of our body's experience. In pursuit of this goal we do not provide a structured meal or training plan, but rather make recommendations for exploration of the factors that may be driving your responses to your own lifestyle decisions.

We are focused on the actionability and insightfulness of the data, not on the hardware itself so we enable access to existing CGM systems (primarily the Freestyle Libre 14 day which is included in our program). The Levels data platform layers onto the CGM system, providing lifestyle logging (snap a picture and enter a few words about the daily decisions you make), more advanced data interaction, and metrics like our ZoneScore and Metabolic Fitness Score to make metabolic responses easy to understand and decisive action easier to arrive at.

Levels is the "source of truth" app for metabolic fitness metrics and we are working toward integrating all available lifestyle data sources into context with your CGM data. I highly recommend checking out some of the extensive research on glucose and metabolic health on our blog, perhaps starting with this piece on creating an optimal diet with glucose tracking.

The program is a 28-day experience costing $399 which includes: 

  • an asynchronous physician review of your medical consult form
  • two 14-day CGM devices (painless to apply at home)
  • access to the Levels software
  • weekly and monthly summary reports.

You can choose to continue monthly after that point for an additional $199/month