Setting up your LibreLink account

LibreLink is the software and app that connects to your continuous glucose monitor to read and sync results back to Levels.

You'll use both the LibreLink app and the Levels app during this program. More information about how to download both apps is here.

When you first get started, you'll need to link your Libre account with your Levels account.

Step 1: Install the LibreLink App

The LibreLink app is the app that reads the sensor and sends the data to Levels.

Open this link on your smartphone: This will direct you to your device’s app store to download the LibreLink app.

Step 2: Sign up for LibreLink

Next, you’ll sign up with an email and password for LibreLink.

Open the LibreLink app and sign up your Levels email address to make the connection as easy as possible.

If you signed up a with a different email address, that's no problem! Just send us an email and we'll straighten it out.

Step 3: Set up LibreLink

Next you’ll step through a quick setup process in LibreLink. You can set carbohydrate units to grams (we won’t be using this feature).

We recommend setting the LibreLink target range to 70-110mg/dL to match the Levels optimal range.

Step 4: Connect LibreLink to Levels

This step tells LibreLink to send your data to LevelsTap the ☰ menu button on the top left of the LibreLink app.

  • Tap "Connected Apps"
  • Next to LibreView, tap "Connect"
  • Tap “Connect to a Practice”
  • Under “Practice ID” type levelshealth (one word)
  • Tap “Next”
  • Tap "Connect" to confirm the connection

Note: The first connection/sync may take up to a few hours

As you get setup, note that sometimes it may take up to a few hours for your LibreLink data to sync to Levels. You'll see a message that says "Waiting for your sensor data".

In this case, do not relink your account – just give it some time. If the issue lasts more than a few hours, reach out and we'll see how we can help!

Continue with setup:

Download the apps

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