How to set up your Dexcom G7 with Levels

This article will walk you through a step-by-step process for setting up your Dexcom G7 app and connecting it to the Levels app.

Step 1: 📲 Download the Dexcom G7 and the Levels app


  • For iOS users, click this link
  • For Android users, click this link


  • For iOS users, click this link
  • For Android users, click this link

Levels offers two ways to connect the  Levels app to the Dexcom G7 app 🎉

  1. Dexcom G7 sensors obtained through Levels: Levels offers the Dexcom G7 as part of the observational study with Dexcom. This option allows Levels members to use the real-time streaming API to sync their glucose data directly to the Levels app without delay.
  2. Dexcom G7 sensors obtained elsewhere: The second option we offer is the ability to bring your own Dexcom G7 sensors. With this option, members will be able to sync their glucose data from the Dexcom G7 app to Levels via Apple Healthkit.  âš ï¸ Please note: This option has a 3-hour data delay from the Dexcom G7 app to the Levels app and is only available for iPhone devices.

🚨Do not set up your Dexcom G7 while traveling outside of the United States

  • For regulatory reasons, during initial setup, the Dexcom G7 app verifies that the country you are in matches the country of residence in your account. Set-up will not proceed if you attempt to apply your first sensor while traveling. More details here.

Step 2: 👤 Log into the Dexcom G7 app

  • If you are creating a new account, it's recommended that you register using the email address you used on your Levels account.  We do not recommend using your mobile phone number as your user ID.
  • If you have an existing account, log in with your existing credentials.

Step 3: 📱 Follow the Dexcom G7 app walkthrough

  • The Dexcom G7 app will walk you through the step-by-step instructions directly from the app to apply your G7 sensor, connect your sensor to your phone, and enable Bluetooth. You can also find instructional and safety inserts inside the CGM box. 

💪 Applying the Dexcom G7: 

  1. Review the instructions. Carefully review the instructional inserts provided in your CGM box. The smaller insert contains app and sensor instructions and the larger insert has essential usage information and tips. 
  2. Wash and dry your hands. Thoroughly wash and dry your hands. Use alcohol swabs to clean the application site and allow to dry. 
  3. Prep the sensor site. We recommend the fleshier part on the back of your upper arm between your deltoid and tricep, avoiding muscular areas. 
  4. Apply the sensor. Unscrew the sensor applicator and press and hold the applicator against your skin—you want to place the sensor in the fleshy area between your deltoid and tricep—then push the button and remove the applicator. 
  5. Apply Performance Cover. Apply the over patch provided by Dexcom then apply the Levels Performance Cover on top. Once the patch is applied, rub around the sensor 3 times and then press gently on the sensor for 10 seconds. Be sure to apply your Levels performance covers over top to keep your sensor protected. 

🤳🏼 Connecting the Dexcom G7 sensor to your phone: 

  1. Scan the 4-digit code. After you've applied the Dexcom G7 sensor, you'll be prompted by the Dexcom G7 app to enter or scan the 4-digit pairing code found on the Dexcom G7 applicator. 
  2. Warm-up period. After the 30-minute warm-up period, you'll begin to see glucose data enter the Dexcom G7 app. Avoid eating or intense exercise during the 30-minute warm-up period.
  3. Invite a Follower: Tap "Connections" - select "Share" - invite a follower. You can invite yourself and you do not need to accept the invite. 

💡 Additional Tips:  

  • ⚠️ Turn off critical low alerts. We recommend turning off the critical low glucose alerts, as members using Levels are using it for health and wellness and not to manage a medical condition; click here for detailed instructions to disable critical low alarms. 
  • ⏱️ Apply the sensor at the right time. We recommend applying the sensor in the morning before eating or exercising while glucose is most stable. Avoid eating and exercise during the 25-30 minute warmup window. 
📺 To watch the Dexcom G7 Application video click this link here: Dexcom G7 Application Video

Step 4: 📶 Connect your Sensor in the Levels app

  • Once everything is set up on your Dexcom app, head to the Levels app and tap DEVICES on the top right of the Today page and then on Manage
  • Click Select Sensor Model
  • Select Dexcom G7 → Dexcom Real-time access

Step 5: 🔄 Connect Dexcom Account with Levels

  • Once you have selected the correct sensor and connection type, you can return to the sensor configuration page by tapping the back arrow at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Tap Connect Dexcom Account
  • Log in with your Dexcom credentials

Step 6: 🎉 Setup Complete

If you encounter any issues setting up your Dexcom <> Levels connectivity, email us at

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