Ignore Logs in Zones


How do I remove a log entry to my zone?
How do I prevent a mega-zone?

This in-app feature prevents a log entry from extending your Zone window.

By default, all secondary log entries within a Zone will extend the Zone by  two hours. If you need to exclude a log entry and prevent it from extending your Zone, follow the steps below:

Note: You cannot exclude the initial log entry that creates the Zone. The option to exclude a log is only available for secondary entries within a zone. If you need to exclude a log entry that happens to be the first one, you can rearrange the logs so that the entry you want to exclude comes after another entry in the timeline.

How to exclude a log from a Zone?

  1. Open the Log → Edit
  2. Tick the box "Exclude from Zone"
    • By selecting this option, the entry will be grayed out and will no longer impact the duration of your zone.
    • If you decide to include the entry back to the zone, edit the log → Untick the box. This will once again extend your zone by two hours.

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