Troubleshooting the Dexcom G7 <> Levels Connection

When setting up your Dexcom G7 you may notice your Levels app is not immediately pulling in the data from Dexcom G7. There are two main issues that can cause this problem:

Issue #1: Sharing setting isn't enabled
We think members may be running into the syncing issue because share hasn't been selected is not toggled on by default. We're working with Dexcom now to bypass this manual setting so that the data will smoothly transfer from the Dexcom app to the Levels app. In the meantime, this fix should work. 

  1. Initiate the connection via the Dexcom G7 app:
  2. Select Connections at the bottom
  3. Under Available Connections, you'll see Share
  4. Select Share and follow the prompts to enable the feature. You will need to invite a follower in order to enable the share toggle. You can invite yourself. You don’t need to accept the invite. The share toggle will appear as soon as you send the invite. 
  5. Once Share has been enabled, leave the Dexcom G7 app and head over to the Levels app
  6. Tap the bullseye icon in the top right of the Today page
  7. Click Select Sensor Model
  8. Select Dexcom G7
  9.  You should begin to see data flowing into the Levels app in the next 15 minutes. 

Issue #2: Your mobile number is setup as your User ID.
If you still don't see your data streaming into the Levels app after following the steps above check to see if your mobile number is setup as your User ID. 
To do this:

  1. Open the Dexcom app
  2. Select Profile
  3. Select Account, scroll to your email and phone number, if you're phone number is listed as the USER ID, you'll want to follow the trouble shooting steps above but this time you'll want to be sure to sign in with your mobile number. 

Complete the troubleshooting steps:

  1. Open the Levels app
  2. Go to the sensor menu
  3. Select Disconnect Dexcom 
  4. Select Remove data connection to Levels
  5. You'll then be prompted to sign back into your Dexcom account 
  6. Before you sign in, select "Signed up with mobile number?"
  7. Once thats complete, open the Dexcom G7 app
  8. Select Connections
  9. Select Share, and toggle Share off then back on (this resets the API connection)
  10. Done. You should begin seeing data in the Levels app within the next 15 minutes.

These steps should help get you connected in no time. If you run into any trouble, feel free to reach out to the team

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