FAQ: Can I transfer out my prescription to my local pharmacy?


Can I transfer out my prescription?


The ability to use the real-time streaming (Dexcom) GGM with the Levels app requires enrollment into our research study, and the use of the study devices only. Therefore, if you obtain CGMs from somewhere else outside of Levels, you wouldn't be able use them with the Levels app as it would be going against the agreement for the research study.

As an alternative option, you can order the manual scan (Freestyle Libre) CGM through Levels, which are not included in our research study, and can be transferred to a local pharmacy. To do this, you will need to order your first Levels Kit (w/ Freestyle Libre sensors) through Levels, and then transfer your FreeStyle Libre prescription to your local pharmacy by following these steps:

  1. Email support@levelshealth.com and ask them for a copy of your prescription.
  2. Reach out to the new pharmacy where you would like to transfer your prescription.
  3. Provide the pharmacy with a copy of your prescription and Truepill's inbound phone number (1-833-860-1057). 
  4. Your pharmacy will contact Truepill to initiate and complete the transfer, and then the prescription will be in the new pharmacy's system for all future fills.

Your pharmacy should be able to take care of the rest, but if you need help, please email us at Support@levelshealth.com. 

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