FAQ: What happened to the Daily Metabolic Score?


What happened to the Daily Metabolic Score?


We removed the Daily Metabolic Score in response to to some of the biggest requests members have asked from us: to make it easier to understand what’s contributing to their daily scores so they know where to focus on improvement. With the previous metabolic score, it wasn’t possible to understand how spike frequency and duration contributed to unstable hours, and lead to lower scores. With the new Stability Score and Spike Detection, members can easily see exactly which portions of the day are contributing the most to stable or unstable glucose.

Please try out the features and let us know what you think! We’re continuously improving the product based on your feedback, and will be rolling out future improvements to personalize the goals for stable hours and levels up on your glucose stability.

How can I remove the Stability Ring?
For a limited time, current members who previously had access to the Daily Metabolic Score can re-enable the old Levels experience (without the Stability Ring) by opting-out in your settings on the Me page. Tap the person icon in the upper left of the  Today page, and then toggle off "Try the new Stability Score".
If you have questions or feedback, please email support@levelshealth.com.
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