How to Submit Questions, Concerns or Complaints about the Study


This article directs you to where you can get technical support, and submit questions, concerns or complaints about the study.

In this Article:

Ask general questions about the study & get technical support

The Levels Support team is staffed by employees who are trained to support human subject research concerns and technical issues related to the Levels app and study.

If you have questions about the study that are not covered by the FAQs, please email the Levels Support team at

Report an injury or illness that is a result of the study

For medical emergencies, please call 911. For any other medical concerns, please contact your healthcare provider/seek medical care. If you become ill or are injured while you are in the study, get the medical care that you need right away. You should inform the healthcare professional treating you that you are participating in this study. If the medical problems or injury was related to the research study or you have questions, concerns or complaints about the study, please contact the study support staff at

Ask questions about your rights as a research participant, or submit concerns or complaints regarding the research study

An institutional review board (IRB) is an independent committee (Advarra) established to help protect the rights of research participants. If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant, and/or concerns or complaints regarding this research study, contact:

  • By mail: Study Subject Adviser Advarra IRB 6100 Merriweather Dr., Suite 600 Columbia, MD 21044
  • Or call toll free: 877-992-4724
  • Or by email:

Please reference the following numbers when contacting the Study Subject Adviser:

  • Pro00058897 If you are on a real-time sensor.
  • Pro00060958 If you are on a manual scan sensor.

If your questions, concerns, or complains cannot be addressed by Advarra, please email the Levels Support Team directly at

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