One-on-one Nutritionist Coaching


This article provides an overview of the nutritionist coaching available for Levels members.

About One-on-one Nutritionist Coaching

Levels members now have the opportunity to connect with top Dietitians and Nutritionists in our network. 

The Nutritionists we've selected to feature are longtime Levels power users, and have a sophisticated understanding of metabolic health, as well as how to use biomarkers, like glucose, to guide diet and lifestyle choices. 

We always want to test additional ways to add value to our Member's health journeys, and one of the ways is to link you up with Nutritionists, which can support your metabolic health and CGM journey. These practitioners are independent from Levels and keep 100% of the income they generate through our platform. 

If you're a Levels member, we invite you to browse the Nutritionist profiles in your Levels app, and if you want to speak directly with one of them to learn more, simply click the Today tab > tap the person icon in the upper left hand corner > select Connect with a nutritionist.  

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