Metabolic Score Update (11/16/21)

Last Tuesday, we introduced a change that modified how we calculate your metabolic day score. Namely, this greatly reduced our use of average glucose numbers in favor of glucose variability and total glucose range. Our goal was to place more emphasis on the peaks and valleys throughout the day as opposed to the baseline that your sensor or body is running at.

Upon release, we heard from many of you that the new scoring method was confusing, felt punishing on your past work, or demotivating in that your typical score was sometimes much lower than what you were used to. It was clear to us that we missed the mark for this iteration, and that the score is an extremely big part of how you interact with Levels, so it's important that we take our time to get this right.

As of this morning, the changes have been rolled back and all historical scores have been returned to previous values.

The score continues to be a useful tool to understand and improve your metabolic health, and we're excited to give it another pass given the passion we observed from our member base these past few days. Thank you for those of you that reached out - you continue to help make this community great.

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